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7 Jun 2023 um 12:39 The order was a mess. The order was delivered in a small plastic bag with sauce dripping from it. Almost all of the butter chicken sauce was spilled. I order 2 samosas, only one came. This was the worst order I ever had in Lieferando by far.
28 Mai 2023 um 14:51 Arrived when I wanted it to arrive. OMH the soup was so good. I want to eat nothing but aloo paratha and spicy soup forever.
17 Mai 2023 um 22:17 I personally did not like the delivery person, we were at a stage where we could not go and get the food down and Chelany being a next door hotel, it is evident that we have been very occupied and that’s the reason for us to order a door delivery.
11 Mai 2023 um 0:42 Very slow delivery, food quality - cold and just ok
4 Mai 2023 um 19:23 superb
23 Apr 2023 um 16:46 I thought Tinda was pumpkin but it was something like zucchini. Still it was delicious and fresh.
22 Apr 2023 um 15:57 Yum!
4 Apr 2023 um 23:25 Sehr sehr lecker!
4 Apr 2023 um 14:32 Leider hat der Koch eventuell die Rezepte vertauscht … nicht vermerktes, sehr scharfes Essen … kaum eßbar …
2 Apr 2023 um 21:34 Ein Fest für meinen Gaumen!
25 Mär 2023 um 15:23 Delish, punctual, delightful.
19 Mär 2023 um 16:45 Really nice Indian food, which in Berlin is saying a lot. Delicious even. I asked for a 2pm delivery, the bell rang at 2pm.